The real estate market has been almost as hot as the temperatures this summer. Even though the sun is shining on home sellers right now, there is still work to be done to maximize your home’s potential. In fact, there are some unique challenges when selling your home in a fast moving market.

The most common mistake sellers make is being over confident when it comes to pricing. Home prices have gone up incrementally in Brentwood and most buyers will not significantly overpay. The key is to find the sweet spot that pushes the price up, while still giving buyers an incentive to make an offer.

Obviously, when a home goes on the market, it needs to be show-ready. Even before the first showing, it is effective to build interest through advance marketing. If the pricing, presentation, and marketing are right, there is a high likelihood the seller will receive a quick offer, perhaps even multiple offers.

Keep in mind, sometimes the first, or even the highest offer, isn’t always the best. Some buyers will make an offer ‘you can’t refuse,’ only to make extreme demands once the house is under contract. Once an offer is accepted, the leverage swings to the buyer, so sellers should be selective.

Realtors keep the inspections and the financing moving along, all the while staying in touch with any other interested parties who did not get the house. If possible, a strong back-up contract provides an added level of security. While this isn’t always possible, it is good to have a “plan B.”

Ideally, a real estate transaction will be a positive experience for everyone. In reality, however, even the best deals have moments of difficulty. Having a Realtor on your side can help protect your interests when questions arise and ensure you are taking maximum advantage of this seller’s market.