American Prophet

​In American Prophet, Peter accepts a calling that takes him on a spiritual journey through a divided nation.  A dream revealing the outcome of a Presidential election is the first in a series of prophecies, including a school shooting, a natural disaster, and a pandemic.  As Peter attempts to shine a light on the issues around his dreams, his popularity and followers grow.  When a radio host stirs up conspiracies about him, Peter takes to the open road in a wild, cross-country escapade.  Through it all, he strives to remain true to his gift, while attempting to obey the near impossible command to love his enemies, even his chief critic, the President.

Hometown Prophet

After moving back home at age thirty, Peter Quell begins to have dreams that come true.   He reluctantly goes to his pastor for advice and when he predicts a major event in front of his church, he is heralded as a modern-day prophet.  As he foretells other future events such as a coal ash spill, an arson attack on a mosque, and the 2010 flood, he attracts a chorus of supporters.  Because the dreams challenge the biases of some of the more dogmatic people in his community, he also has his share of critics.  In spite of coming under personal attack, Peter keeps sharing his message, all the while discovering what it truly means to be a prophet of God.

American Prophet is coming out soon!